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Strategically designed B2B e-commerce platform for wholesale businesses

eqomOS is an intelligent solution to modern wholesale eCommerce. It combines user-friendliness with an incredible technological ability to cater to the nuances of businesses focussed on bulk sales. From custom pricing to simplifying business logistics, eqomOS has charted a clear plan for the new age whole-selling industry. Going online is proving to be a turning point for smoother operations and multiplying revenue. eqomOS is by your side all the while.

Tiered & volume pricing

eqomOS lets you manage your pricing as per preset tiers or volume. As per your business type, you can attract customers with variable prices as per the degree of bulk orders

Multi-warehouse inventory

eqomOS enables you to manage warehouse across geographical locations seamlessly. It helps you gain customer loyalty due to reduced delivery

Multiple interface responsive platform

Technology offers you the flexibility of implementing eCommerce across convenient platforms like web and mobile. eqomOS helps you engage and interact with customers across all channels and on any device without any hassles.

Designed for complex business logistics

eqomOS is well-equipped to address complex business logistics and resolve issues with negligible downtime.

Optimized inventory system

For a business to be highly successful, it’s vital to focus and manage your inventory. eqomOS has optimized advanced inventory techniques that make your business more profitable in more ways than one. It reduces the store inventory turnover, reducing operating cost for your business.

Sophisticated reporting

eqomOS utilizes AI and machine learning to offer you big data-led key findings about your sales, products, customer interactions and more. The analytics offers you precious insights to help you make informed decisions.

Flash deals

Flash deals entice online shoppers into impulse purchase, increase brand awareness and customer loyalty. On the other hand, it also helps your eCommerce business get rid of excess inventory..

Bulk upload of products and variants

Bulk upload presents a great advantage to upload a large number of products in different locations of the site. You need to only specify important details and rest settings are set to default

Simplified logistics panel

It’s vital for logistics companies to keep a track of their orders on a day-to-day basis. eqomOS lets you offer them the convenience of real-time access to their orders with MIS and settlement reports.

Supplier business panel

Sellers, vendors and manufacturers are an integral part of an eCommerce system. eqomOS lets them upload and configure the products directly into the system. They can also check their orders for day-to-day operations, MIS and settlement etc.

In-depth analytics module

eCommerce is a unique business driven by usage based analytics of customers. That’s why eqomOS’ inbuilt analytics and reporting engine provides insights with multiple types of reports and dashboards to make informed decisions and boost your sales.

Multiple payment options

Customers seek flexible payment options on an eCommerce website. That’s why eqomOS enables online payments with leading payment gateways/wallets and also offers the flexibility of cash on delivery (COD)

Recommendation engine

eqomOS helps customers with recommended products based on their activity, past purchases, profile, behavior analysis etc. It offers a convenient buying experience for customers and a boost in sales for businesses.