Answering real business challenges with innovation


The future isn’t on its way. We are creating it now.

The consumer market is buzzing with new features and the industry trends are changing every day. It’s a challenge for online businesses to offer amplified brand experience and to gain customer loyalty. In this ever competitive market, eqomOS empowers you to utilize technological innovations to connect with your customers through an intuitive digital eCommerce platform.

eqomOS is your answer

It lets you unify, scale and maintain core business processes covering from a full-fledged online storefront to all-inclusive back-end functions. Its robust CRM module makes the most of every customer interaction. It quantifies and categorizes data for easy future reference so that you can offer your customers a customized experience. Further, eqomOS offers Search Engine Optimization (SEO) driving qualified traffic to your website, improving customer engagement and increasing conversion rate. With such consumer-oriented tactics, it leads you to reach your target audience more effectively than the conventional methods. On the flip side, eqomOS enables smoother store management by monitoring Supply Chain, Logistics Management, Warehousing and Order Management. Running an eCommerce business on a single, unified platform has never been so simple!

Tailored solution for your diverse business needs

eqomOS is thoughtfully designed to fuel varied businesses across industries – from retail to health and from fashion to F&B and more. Whatever be your business goals, the flexible platform is customizable to achieve them. It helps you scale your website as per your business size and unique business needs. Even in the times of security breaches, eqomOS brings you the highest level of security with encryption of data and adheres to eCommerce regulations and compliances. Additionally, a reward engine lets you incentivise your customers’ purchases with gift coupons.